Technical Specification

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Energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

Access control

Burglary and assault alarm system

Corridor and staircase lighting based on motion sensors

Suspended ceiling

Reised floors

Smoke and high temperature detectors

Optimal daylight access

Moduł podziału powierzchni 1,35m

Floor loading 3,5-7,5 kN/sqm

Carpeting in tiles

Floor boxes

The quality of manufacture and technology advancement at Park Rozwoju - Development Park will offer maximum of comfort to Tenants. The design of systems and architectural arrangements will facilitate efficient planning of the layout. The heavy-duty ventilation system, providing above-standard air exchange rates, offers convenient conditions for setting workstation density. Transfer of recovered heat into each space and maintenance of optimal temperature is guaranteed due to effective air conditioning, which is based on a recovery heat pump system. Excessive heat in summer will be avoided with a modern heat-resistant glass facade with shutters, while energy efficient windows help prevent heat loss in the winter.