Green technologies

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Efficient lifting strategy

Corridor and staircase lighting based on motion sensors

Outdoor gym

Easy access to public transport

BREEM Sustainability Certificate

Recycling facilities

Low water consumption

Natural materials

Acoustic comfort

Optimal daylight access

Cycling infrastructure

Park Rozwoju – Development Park project in accordance with sustainable development principles since the outset of the project work. We care for the buildings to guarantee maximised comfort to lessees, who should feel good there and be able to adapt the available space to their individual needs. Positive environmental impact of our project is of equal importance. The buildings are erected on a former warehousing site, which is our contribution to revitalising the neighbourhood and, in a broader perspective, the entire district. In our civil works and fitting-out, we use natural, certified, recycled materials that do not generate harmful emissions to the environment or to people. We have carefully designed the green surroundings of the buildings and we took care about facilities for those enjoying a healthy lifestyle (bicycle tracks, changing rooms for cyclists, a natural fitness club). We build a comfortable working environment for you at Park Rozwoju – Development Park.

The project is being developed in compliance with BREEAM, an international certificate of sustainable construction. This certificate, which was originally established over 20 years ago, is now the most valued pro-ecological system of evaluating non-residential buildings in Europe. With its strict requirements and extensive range of structural components, fabrication, fitting-out and location of evaluated projects, it guarantees the best quality of buildings that successfully complete the certification process.