The concept, space, universal comfort

The concept

Służewiec, part of the Mokotów district of Warsaw, is a place that uniquely illustrates the dynamics of change of the metropolitan landscape during recent years. With the competitive market and increasing expectations of potential Tenants, a new office must meet a growing number of criteria.

Reception of architecture is particularly important at the workplace environment. We make our buildings open, accessible and friendly. A park that is being designed nearby contributes to the creation of such an environment at Park Rozwoju - Development Park. Cozy internal courtyards link it via two-level passages. Entrance lobbies, a restaurant with a patio opening to the square between buildings, green slopes with water flowing downwards are outstandingly important elements of the composition of the group of buildings, creating its unique character.

We design our buildings to be comfortable and safe. Ergonomic architectural shape requires a proper choice of resistant materials and careful preparation of each detail. Satisfaction comes with the appearance of Tenants. At that point, the building becomes an integrated part of the city.


Park Rozwoju Complex results from adapting it to the specifics of the location as well as natural light conditions. For the comfort and security of its users, the entire CComplex space is divided into two zones: general access and security access. The communication system within the Complex is clear and simple. Users may get to main entrances and the cafeteria by green squares and friendly courtyards. Flow of people within the buildings is comfortable and convenient as well: wide and spacious corridors, comfortable staircases. Efficient lifts provide quick and safe access to direct floor.

Universal comfort

We took great care to ensure that Park Rozwoju - Development Park is a uniquely comfortable and friendly place. Lush greenery as well as specifically designed places where one can relax, have lunch and make small purchases is a supplement of effectively planned out offices.

Rest and recreation zones are part of the complex area: a courtyard with a waterfall and a cafeteria, internal squares with comfortable benches, green roof terraces as well as an outdoor gym. Car parks with bike racks as well as locker rooms and showers are available to cyclists while drivers have a choice of a large number of parking spaces.